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ThermoSpa Contact Information

Contact Information

Parts and Supplies Store: 1-888-743-8121

Technical Support: 1-800-833-7727



Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM (EST)

Saturday - Sunday: 11 AM - 3 PM (EST)


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Spa Troubleshooting

Problem Possible Cause Solution
Cloudy Water Dirty Filter Clean filter with filter cleaner
  High TDS Levels Drain and refill with fresh water
  High pH or alkalinity Check and adjust using pH/Alkalinity Down
  High calcium count Drain halfway and refill
  Dissolved solids Add clarifier to your water
  High bacteria level Shock with the sanitizer you currently use
Brown Water High mineral count Add Stain & Scale
  Low alkalinity level Test and add pH/Alkalinity Up
  Low sanitizer level Test and add sanitizers
Green Water Algae growth Shock with sanitizer
Yellow Water Low pH Add pH Up
White Scale Deposits Low sanitizer level Test and add sanitizer
Excessive Foaming Soft water Test and add Liquid Calcium
  High TDS level Drain and refill the hot tub
  High contaminant level Add one capful of Foam Away
Waterline Scum Ring Inadequate filtration Check and clean filter(s)
  High content of oils Add Natural and Clear
Pitting of Metal Fixtures Low alkalinity or pH Check and add pH/Alkalinity Up
Erratic pH Test Results Low alkalinity Add pH/Alkalinity Up
  Sanitizer level too high Remove cover and turn on bubbling system
  Old pH indicator strip Check expiration date on test strip and replace
Musty Odor Bacteria/algae growth Shock the water with sanitizers
Eye Irritation Low pH level Test and add pH/Alkalinity Up
  Low sanitizer level Test and add sanitizer
Skin Irritation Low sanitizer level Test and add sanitizer
  Sanitizer irritation After adding sanitizer always wait 20 minutes before entering hot tub
  Water temperature too high Reduce water temperature
  Soaking too long Soak for shorter intervals

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