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Delivery and Spa Moves


Our Customers have come to expect Quality in our Skills & Experience with our delivery experts.

Spa Moves and Removals for Customers

  • Spa Move/Removal in County (Brevard County, Fl)
    • $550
  • Spa Move Out/Removal Out of County 
    • $800 + $0.50 per mile (first 100 miles included)

*Please Read Before Contacting*

  • Site Surveys are Required for all Spa Moves, Deliveries and Removals
    • Site Survey is needed to determine how spa needs to be moved, delivered or removed and if additional crew members or equipment is needed. Photos of the job site/sites will be need to be provided. A final quote will be provided at the appointment.
  • If spa was drop shipped and it needs moved from front of house to the back yard and is a straight shot with no obstacles ($550.00 estimate)
  • All Removals include landfill disposal fee

**Please Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns we would be happy to help with a final quote assessment.**

**10% Service Member Discount applies to Spa Moves**

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